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Published: August 2006


New York, NY, August 22, 2006 - The Department of Buildings of the City of New York has just issued a significant modification of its policy regarding the Cycle 6 filing for Local Law 11 of 1998. This change comes in response to suggestions made by CNYC and other organizations in the real estate industry.

Local Law 11 requires that all New York City buildings more than six stories high have the exterior inspected in five year cycles, with a report filed by the inspecting architect or engineer at prescribed times. Serious problem conditions must be swiftly cured, and lesser flaws must also be remedied prior to the next cycle filing or the building is immediately declared Unsafe, subject to violations and penalties.

Cycle 6 reports could be filed as early as March of 2005, and they MUST be filed by February 21, 2007. Most buildings have not yet filed, because they learn from their architect or engineer that there is work to be done before the building could file a spotless report, and they are in the process now of trying to get all the work completed prior to the February 21, 2007 filing deadline.

In the crush to get all cycle 6 work done, buildings are beginning to experience difficulty ensuring quality work at reasonable prices. For this brief period, contractors have more work than they can handle with their trained crews; they must either turn away opportunities or use less skilled temporary labor for some tasks. And smaller buildings that are not required to comply with Local Law 11now have almost no place to turn if they want to do facade work.

Early this year, architect Stephen Varone contacted CNYC with suggestions for relieving the pressure created by the impending filing deadline; CNYC consulted with other key organizations that agreed. Together they approached the Department of Buildings to request modifications in the filing requirements. DOB was receptive and worked with a small committee consisting of Mr. Varone, engineer Kathleen Needham Inocco, and property managers Michael Wolfe and Paul Herman to find a solution.

The Department of Buildings has just amnounced a modification of the Local Law 11 Cycle 6 filing requirements. DOB will grant an extension of up to one year for buildings in need of repairs that are not a threat to public safety, provided that they file requisite forms by November 21, 2006.

CNYC has scheduled a workshop on Tuesday, September 12th, where Steve Varone and Kathleen Needham Inocco, will discuss the program modifications and offer advice on compliance. The enclosed calendar gives further details.

Whether your cooperative is large or small, this development is an important one. CNYC hopes to have continued success in relieving the pressure of forced deadlines, while still ensuring that the housing stock of our city is always safe and well maintained.



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