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Published: Summer 2007


CNYC thanks the Upper West Side Recycling Center, Inc., for the following information:

Please call the organizations with phone numbers before bringing or sending materials to them.

GENERAL INFORMATION (information on where to recycle a wide variety of products and materials) (online materials exchange) (online materials exchange)
NYC Stuff Exchange; tel: 1-877-NYC-STUFF (call to find donation opportunities in your neighborhood) (a free online marketplace where you can list items for sale or donation)

(see also Household Hazardous Waste)

Notes: Cover contacts of small batteries with electrical tape before shipping; some retail outlets accept lamps (light bulbs) and ballasts as a trade-in if you buy new equipment.

Dept. of Sanitation, 605 W. 30th Street; tel: 311 (see listing below for Household Hazardous Waste)

Eastern Environmental Technologies, 47 Purdy Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573; tel: (914) 934-2100.
Accepts and recycles most lamps, as well as transformers and ballasts from fluorescent lights on a fee basis. Will pick up large quantities.

Inmetco, 1 Inmetco Drive, Ellwood City, PA 16117; tel: (724) 758-2800;
Accepts all dry cell batteries (flashlight-type) for a small per-pound charge; prepaid $19.95 package, which includes the fees for the box, UPS shipping, and recycling for up to 30 pounds of nickel-cadmium (NiCd), nickel-metal-hydride, lithium ion, alkaline, or small lead-acid dry cells.

Mercury Waste Solutions, 21211 Durand Ave, Union Grove, WI 53182; tel: (800) 741-3343;
Accepts alkaline, lead-acid, lithium, magnesium, mercury, nickel-cadmium and silver oxide batteries for a small fee/pound; can be shipped via UPS or mail.

Radio Shack, tel: (212) 304-3977 (various NYC locations)
Accepts NiCd, alkaline, lead-acid and other rechargeable flashlight-type batteries at no charge.

Staples (various NYC locations)
Accepts NiCd and other rechargeable flashlight-type batteries

USA Lamp and Ballast Recycling, 2010 Route 9W, Milton, NY; tel (845) 795-1282
Accepts and recycles all types of batteries and most lamps, as well as transformers and ballasts from fluorescent lights, for a per-pound charge. Will pick up large quantities.

Universal Metals, 10 Hartford Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550; tel: (914) 664-0200
Accepts NiCd and other nickel-containing batteries, as well as lithium ion batteries (from cell phones, laptop computers, etc). Small or no charge for NiCd's; no charge for other batteries and will pay if delivered in large quantities. Can be sent by UPS or mail, or picked up for a fee.
Lead-acid car batteries must be accepted by the retailers that sell them.



Advanced Recovery; tel: (973) 450-9797;;
Accepts computer systems including monitors for reuse and recycling; will pick up for a per-pound charge.

Computers for Youth, 508 8th Ave, Suite 2402, New York, NY 10018; tel: (718) 349-5682;
Accepts IBM- compatible Pentium 3 or higher systems from corporations and refurbishes for reuse in schools and other non-profits. Minimum of 50 pieces. Will pick up at no charge.

Material for the Arts, 33-00 Northern Blvd., Long Island City, NY 11101; tel: (718) 729-3001;
Accepts complete computer systems in working condition (up to 5 years old only) as well as office equipment. Free pickup.

Non-Profit Computing; tel: (212) 759-2368;
Clearing house for a variety of computers, faxes, telephone systems and other office equipment.

Per Scholas, 1231 Lafayette Ave. Bronx NY 10474; tel: (718) 991-8400;
Accepts all desktop computers, monitors and other peripherals and refurbishes them for reuse in schools or recycling of component materials (older models). Some late-model computer systems are picked up for free; there is a per-piece charge for other equipment.
Per Scholas, New York City’s only electronics processing facility, has been reconditioning and recycling E-Waste since 1999. In addition to making low-cost computers available to children and adults who cannot afford a new computer, Per Scholas also trains local youth for full-time jobs as computer technicians.

Technical Career Institute-Dare to Dream Program; tel: (212) 594-4000 x5777
Accepts IBM-compatible Pentium 2 and later computers, monitors and systems in working order for distribution to disadvantaged people. No minimum number of pieces; free pickup.

Tools for Schools, 1916 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10037; tel: 646-548-9675; http://tools for
Picks up working computer systems and other office equipment for re-use in schools and other non-profits

USA Lamp and Ballast Recycling; 2010 Route 9W, Milton, NY; tel (845) 795-1282
Accepts all IBM-compatible and Macintosh computer systems for reuse and recycling for a per-pound fee, including monitors and other peripherals. Will pick up.

Apple:; tel: 1-888-638-2761
Accepts Apple computers monitors and other peripherals for a $30 fee. Shipping included.

Canon:; tel: 1-800-385-2155
Accepts cameras, copiers, faxes, scanners and video equipment for a fee ranging from $6 to $36 (depending on type of product). Shipping included.

Accepts Dell computers monitors and other peripherals; see instructions in recycling envelope in computer box.

Epson: www.
Accepts Epson printers and scanners for a $10 fee including shipping.

Hewlett Packard:; tel: 1-800-752-0900
Home or office pickup for HP computers, monitors, printers and faxes, scanners and other peripherals and supplies; $13 to $34 per item.

IBM Corp:; tel: 888-SHOP-IBM (ask for product recycling)
Offers IBM PC recycling service for $29.99, including shipping. This service, designed for individuals and small businesses, will either recycle or refurbish computers, monitors, printers and other peripherals from any manufacturer.

MPC Computers: map; tel: 800-515-9199
Accepts computers, monitors, printers scanners, faxes and other peripherals for $35 fee.

Community-based organizations accept computers, peripherals and other E-waste for free; info: (tel) 311;

Dept. of Sanitation, 605 W. 30th Street, Manhattan; Fresh Kills Landfill, Staten Island, Muldoon Avenue Entrance; for info and locations in other boroughs: call 311
Accepts latex paint, motor oil and filters, transmission fluid, household and automotive batteries, fluorescent bulbs, thermostats; 10am-5pm Saturdays except 10-5 Friday the last day of the month. NO cleaning fluids, oil-based paints, medical wastes, pesticides

Eastern Environmental Technologies, 47 Purdy Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573; tel: (914) 934-2100.
Accepts paint, inks, chemicals, cleaners and solvents.

PLASTIC (plastic bottles and jugs [with neck or screw-off top] are collected by the NYC Department of Sanitation; plastic bags should be re-used or, if clean, returned to the store)

Ashley Polymers, 5114 Fort Hamilton Pkwy. Brooklyn, NY 11219; tel: 718-851-8111
Accepts 5-gallon polycarbonate bottles (from water fountains); will pick up in truck-load quantities

Mail Boxes, Etc. (various locations) and The Packaging Store: 37-11 35th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101; tel: (212) 566-5151;
Accepts expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) peanuts and other packaging material

NO carpeting. (wearable clothing may also be donated to thrift shops)

Emerson Recycling, 63 Emerson Place, Brooklyn, NY 11205; tel: (718) 622-1799
Accepts mixed textile cuttings from companies and ship overseas for reprocessing and reuse. Pickup for free or for a per-pound fee, depending on quality and quantity.

Millwiping; 1656 East 233rd Street, Bronx, NY 10466; tel: (718) 994-7100
Deals mainly with large organizations; will pick up clean textiles that have been separated by type of fiber. Payment depends on quality and quantity.

Trans-Americas Trading Co., 122 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222; tel: (718) 383-3445
Picks up and pays for large quantities of clean, post-consumer textiles from charities and municipalities, including clothing and other household items such as towels, curtains, sheets and bedspreads. Accepts mixed fibers.

B. THRIFT SHOPS (Upper West Side only – see yellow pages for other NYC locations)
Goodwill, 217 W. 79th Street, NYC 10024; 212-874-5050
Housing Works, 306 Columbus Ave (74th-75th streets), NYC 10023; tel: 212-579-7566
Salvation Army, 258 W. 96th Street, NYC 10025; tel: 212-663,2258

Carpet Cycle, 447 Schiller Street, Elizabeth, NJ; tel: (908) 353-5900;
Removes and recycles old carpeting and padding from commercial buildings for a fee

NYC Department of Sanitation; tel: 311
Collects old carpeting and padding in bundles no more than 2 feet high and 4 feet long. Must be free of nails and staples.


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