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Sunday, November 12, 2000 ... ALL DAY ... Hunter College
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CNYC's 20th annual Cooperative Housing Conference features 60 workshops, seminars, and discussions, 50 exhibits of products and services, 22 video presentations. Exciting new workshops will join classic offerings. Advanced registration is required, and tickets will admit registrants to the workshops of their choice. The Conference brochure is sent to members in their autumn Newsletters and can be requested from CNYC at (212) 496-7400 or by sending e-mail to

Every year for the past 19 years, CNYC members have spent a busy autumn Sunday learning more about their cooperatives or condominiums at CNYC's annual Cooperative Housing Conference. There, they can ensure that new board members can find courses in all of the basics -- whether financial or legal or those relating to the physical plant of the building. More experienced board members can explore specific issues of interest -- whether it is revising the proprietary lease, creating a sense of community, exploring the board president's role, or learning of the modifications to Local Law 10 or to energy purchase opportunities.

Video presentations will add to the learning opportunities, and an Exhibit Hall with diverse displays of products and services will give participants opportunities to ask questions of competing companies and begin their selection processes. In all, the Conference provides an extraordinary day of learning and sharing for all those present.

The 19th Annual Conference continues the innovation of offering certain classes designed as a discussion among professionals. Interested board members and shareholders are most welcome at these sessions. The workshop roster for the 19th annual Conference boasts sessions to address legal developments, social changes and new needs of CNYC's members.

The Conference brochure, inserted in the coming Autumn CNYC Newsletter, provides descriptions of all course offerings and indicates in green letters the workshops that are new this year. To request a copy of the brochure, send e-mail to

The Conference will be held at Hunter College in the West Building on Lexington Avenue and East 68th Street, beginning at 8:15 A.M. Each regular Conference registrant can attend two to three sessions, depending upon the length of those selected, and can visit the 50 exhibits of products and services, view video shows and attend the Convocation at the end of the day. Preregistration is required.

Each cooperative and condominium that is a current member of the Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums can send one representative to the Conference at no cost. The Conference brochure, inserted opposite page 10 of this Newsletter, contains a registration form for you to complete with specific workshop selections. One all-day fee admits regular Conference registrants to all activities. This fee varies according to the status of the registrant and registration is received. Discounts are available for early registration and team enrollment. Single workshop registrants pay 50% of the full fee applicable to them.

Participants may check the box on their Workshop tickets if they wish to be candidates for CNYC’s certification program. This program is for board members and prospective board members, and is designed to give them a well-rounded knowledge of cooperatives and condominiums so that they can be capable and responsible leaders in their buildings.

Candidates for the certification examination qualify by attending 45 hours of courses, distributed among six categories: the role of the board (6 hours); financial aspects of cooperatives or condominiums (12 hours); maintenance of the physical plant (8 hours); building operations (3 hours); building management (7 hours); and elective subjects (9 hours). Courses given by other approved organizations count towards certification eligibility. A pamphlet detailing certification requirements and procedures will soon be available from CNYC.

If your cooperative wants to refinance its underlying mortgage or redecorate its lobby, improve its insurance protection, upgrade its intercom system, select financial services, or change laundry room companies -- or if your condominium is concerned about investing its reserves or maximizing heating plant efficiency or replacing its windows -- then you must visit the conference exhibits on the third floor of the West Building. There, 50 exhibitors will show their products and services. You can ask questions of competing companies and collect literature on their offerings.

The Exhibit Areas open at 8:15 AM. Please plan to arrive early in the morning to have plenty of time to see all the exhibits before your first seminar. You can also exhibit-hop during the lunch break. Many of the exhibitors will offer door prizes to be awarded at the Convocation at the end of the day.

If you register for Conference workshops, your name badge will admit you to the exhibit area at no additional cost. In addition, you can cut out the complimentary ticket found on the back cover of this Newsletter, which will admit one person to the exhibit area only. CNYC will also send four more exhibit area tickets to each of its member cooperatives and condominiums. Additional tickets for the exhibits and videos can be purchased for $5. They are valid from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM.

CNYC's television show, CO-OP ROUNDTABLE, is presented throughout the day on the fourth and fifth floors. The Conference Brochure and program list these shows. All Conference registrants and holders of Exhibit area tickets are welcome at the videos. Workshops registrants can view shows early in the morning or during the lunch break, or they can plan a day that combines workshops and videos.

Registration fees vary depending on the status of your building, the timing of your registration, and whether you take advantage of the team registration opportunity. Check the Conference Brochure for details and a registration form.

Advance registration is strongly encouraged. It facilitates appropriate room assignments, and, in some cases, enables participants to submit questions or topic requests for the sessions they have chosen. Tickets will be mailed to all those registered by November 11th. Late registrants should allow extra time to pick up their tickets at the Conference. Tickets are required for entry to each workshop.


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