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Published: Winter 1999


CNYC proudly announces a series of three seminars presented in concert with the Landmarks Conservancy to help you take better control of the preservation of your building. Experts will provide advice on preventive care and quality restoration to help every building – particularly yours – look its best and be in the best of shape.

These interactive seminars are designed to provide insight into how to deal with the physical problems that inevitably afflict buildings as they age. Using slide presentations, experts will call attention to compliance with local laws affecting buildings and to opportunities for abatements or tax credits to help defray the cost of major improvements. Representatives of the Conservancy's Technical Service Center will be on hand to answer questions, ranging from how to list your building on the National Register to the appropriate type of mortar to have your contractor use.

  • The seminars are scheduled on Tuesday evenings, April 13, May 11 and June 8, at 129 East 79th Street at 6 pm. Property managers and Buildings Operations Committee and House Committee members will want to attend; many buildings will also want to invite their superintendents. Light refreshments will be served at the start of each meeting.
      • April 13 - The Building Envelope
      • May 11 - Unwritten Rules
      • June 8 - Surviving Improvements


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