Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums

Publication Date: Summer 2000

The Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums will hold its 20th annual Housing Conference on Sunday, November 12, 2000 at Hunter College on Manhattan's East Side. For two decades, this premier educational event has brought together hundreds of board members for a rewarding day of learning and sharing information about their cooperatives and condominiums. At this Conference, new board members will find courses in all the basics┘financial, legal, physical plant, and 'people questions,' and experienced board members can explore specific issues such as purchasing of deregulated energy, resolving conflicts of interest, redecorating the lobby, or planning for the building's future needs.

At the Conference, Martin Karp will discuss A Strategic Plan for Your Cooperative or Condominium; Robert Tierman will explore dog policies; Deputy DEP Commissioner Larry Schatt will describe the City's new water billing program; Tom Pasquazi will investigate internet access opportunities; Greg Carlson and a panel of NYARM members will enumerate the many services that good management firms provide to their clients; Marc Luxemburg will review Significant Legal Decisions of the year 2000; and Stuart Saft will suggest ways to deal with a difficult resident. In all, there are 65 workshops to enlighten and inform all those who attend. Video presentations and an Exhibit Hall further enhance the learning opportunities.

Each regular Conference registrant can attend two to three sessions, depending upon the length of those selected, and can visit the Exhibit hall, view videos and attend the Convocation at the end of the day. Preregistration is required, and you must select your workshops as you register so that tickets can be sent to you. These tickets will tell you the time, the building, and the room where the class you have chosen will be conducted.

If your cooperative wants to install storage units, refinance its underlying mortgage, upgrade its intercom system, or remove environmentally hazardous materials, help is to be found in the Exhibit Halls on the third floor of the West Building. There, more than 40 exhibitors will show their products and services. You can see and touch new products, ask questions of competing companies, collect literature, and begin the selection process. The Exhibit Area is open from 8 AM to 3 PM, with complimentary coffee and tea available throughout the day. You will want to arrive early in the morning to have plenty of time to see all the exhibits before your first seminar. You can also exhibit-hop during the lunch break, when snacks, beverages and box lunches can be purchased from the Hunter Catering Service in the Exhibit area. Many of the exhibitors will offer door prizes to be awarded at the Convocation. If you register for Conference workshops, your name badge will admit you to the exhibit area at no additional cost. CNYC will also send five exhibit area tickets to each member building in October. Additional tickets for the exhibits and videos can be purchased for $5. They are valid from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM.

CNYC's television show, CO-OP ROUNDTABLE, is presented throughout the day on the sixth and seventh floors of the West Building. The Conference Brochure and program list these shows. All Conference registrants and holders of Exhibit area tickets are welcome at the videos. Workshop registrants can view shows early in the morning or during the lunch break, or they can plan a day that combines workshops and videos.

Each cooperative and condominium that is a current member of CNYC can send one representative to this Conference at no cost. For others, registration fees vary depending on the status of your building, the timing of your registration, and whether you take advantage of team registration.

Advance registration is strongly encouraged as it facilitates appropriate room assignments, and, in some cases, enables participants to submit questions or topic requests for the sessions they have chosen. Tickets will be mailed to all those registered by November 9th. Later registrants should allow extra time to pick up their tickets at the Conference. Tickets are required for entry to each workshop.

At the end of the day, all participants are invited to gather in the REGISTRATION CENTER on the Third Floor of the West Building Lounge for refreshments and the Convocation, where CNYC leaders and guest celebrities will review the year's successes for cooperatives and condominiums. Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer will address the group and CNYC will have the opportunity to thank the him for his careful attention to the needs of the cooperatives and condominiums in his borough.

We look forward to seeing you at the 20th Annual Cooperative Housing Conference.



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