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Published: Summer 2001 Updated: August 2002


The newly authorized internet suffix .coop is now online, enabling cooperatives and cooperative service organizations all over the world to be found easily. The victorious campaign for the .coop suffix was sponsored by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), which is now the only entity authorized to accept registrations for domain names at .coop. Because CNYC is a member of NCBA, the CNYC Worldwide Web Information Center can now be found at as well as and CNYC can also reserve dot coop domain names on behalf of any of its own member cooperatives that would like to do so.

As the internet has grown and grown in popularity, today that there are more than 26 million domain names registered under .com. This has obliged many latecomers to the internet to accept second or third choices of domain names, when they found that the names they wanted were already taken. To alleviate this congestion, last year the internet coordinator ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) invited applications for additional suffixes. Hundreds of applications were submitted to ICANN, but only seven new suffixes were selected. NCBA and all its supporters are to be congratulated on its successful strong campaign for .coop. The six other new internet suffixes approved by ICANN are .aero,.biz, .info, .museum, .name and .pro.

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