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Published: Summer 2002


Our city and our nation experienced a life-transforming shock on September 11, 2001. Thousands of Americans lost their lives in four vicious, senseless attacks on our nation and our way of life. Though stunned by this massacre, our city rallied immediately by working feverishly in the rescue and recovery efforts. The eyes of the world focused on New York City as this long task was accomplished; there was admiration for the quality of our leadership, and our teamwork and cooperation. As we have coped with this tragedy, we have learned to cherish things that we used to take for granted, we have seen the very best qualities of our neighbors, and we have seen strangers quickly become friends.

As New York housing cooperatives and condominiums, we have a strong commitment to our city’s future and to its present well-being. We have lost residents, friends and acquaintances in the tragedies of September 11th, and we have lent the skills of other residents, friends and family to the rescue and recovery efforts.

Cooperatives --whether they are housing cooperatives, credit unions, farm cooperatives, hardware cooperatives, grower cooperatives or electric cooperatives --are linked in a vast worldwide network; all base their businesses on shared ownership, active participation in the lives of their communities, and support for other cooperatives. Many of these cooperatives have sent condolences and help to New York, such as the Slemco electric cooperative in Louisiana, which donated a new state-of-the-art ambulance to the Hatzolah volunteer ambulance corps of Grand Street, which had lost both of its vehicles when the towers fell.

Shortly after September 11th, CNYC helped establish a fund called COOPERATE TO REBUILD NEW YORK, to recognize the countless acts of heroism and to acknowledge the strong leadership of government officials. Members of the management firm of Orsid Realty suggested this fund be established, and the leaders of Cooperate to Rebuild New York propose to meet with the city administration to select an appropriate gift to thank our city.

CNYC thanks all those who have already made contributions to Cooperate to Rebuild New York. As attention now focuses on rebuilding, additional contributions from your cooperative or condominium and from individual residents are most welcome. Individual contributions are tax deductible and every penny donated will be used for our stated goal.

Checks, payable to FNYHC - COOPERATE TO REBUILD NEW YORK, can be sent to

250 West 57th Street,
NYC 10023


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