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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
6:00 PM
Zoom details to be announced

All condominiums in New York operate based on the Declarations and By-Laws created by sponsors who formed the condominium, but little thought was given in preparing these documents as to how the condominium would function and operate to improve the quality, efficiency and cost of operating the condominium and preserving the quality of life of the residents and the investment of the unit owners. CNYC Board chair, Stuart Saft, who has formed over a hundred condominiums, represents dozens of condominium boards, and is the author of over a hundred articles on real estate, finance and economics, will provide guidance to boards on how to meet the current demands by unit owners, potential buyers and lenders and government agencies during this time of economic uncertainty. Mr Saft will examine typical problems Board face and provide guidance for solving them. There is no fee for representatives of CNYC members and subscribers to attend. Others are welcome at a fee of $50. Advance reservations are required. Register online at

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Tuesdays September 13, October 24, December 6, 2022
6:00 PM
Zoom details to be announced

Small buildings (25 units and fewer) face most of the same issues that larger building have to cope with, but they have a much smaller resource of shareholders or unit owners to take on all necessary tasks and to make difficult decisions. Rebecca Poole, CNYC’s Director of Membership and Communications, has a background in property management and a history of providing educational programs to help small, self-managed buildings understand and meet their responsibilities. At the request of members in small buildings, this Discussion Group now meets regularly to examine topics raised by the participants. Board members, share holders and unit owners in small cooperatives and condominiums are encouraged to attend when their schedules permit. There is no fee for representatives of CNYC members and subscribers to attend. Others are welcome at a fee of $50. Advance reservations are required. Register online at workshop or call the CNYC office at 212 496-7400 to reserve your place.

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Wednesdays, September 21 and 28, 2022
6:00 PM
Zoom details to be announced

In this 2-session class, attorney Marc Luxemburg and property manager Gregory Carlson examine all aspects of operating cooperatives. The class is limited to board members of housing cooperatives. It is jointly sponsored by CNYC, the Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums and the Association of Riverdale Cooperatives, each of whose members attend at the member rate. Advance registration is required. The cost is $125 per person if your cooperative is a member of CNYC; FNYHC, ARC; $200 for non-members. Reserve online @, where credit card payment is accepted. Checks must be received by CNYC at 850 7th Avenue, Suite 1103, NYC 10019 prior to the first class.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022
6 PM
Zoom details to be announced

CNYC’s president, Marc Luxemburg, Esq. led the development of a model Proprietary Lease and Shareholders Agreement adapted to the 21st century needs of New York housing cooperatives. Version 2.20 includes suggestions received from nay experts over the years. Mr. Luxemburg will discuss the major innovations of the CNYC lease and will offer advice for ensuring its adoption. There is no cost for CNYC members and subscribers to attend this class, but advance registration is required. Others are welcome at a fee of $75. Register online at Application is being made for Continuing Legal Education credit for attorneys attending this class. Attorneys who work primarily with low income clients or those who themselves have incomes below $80,000 may write to CNYC to request abatement of applicable fees. Payment online by credit card or by check mailed to CNYC at 850 7th Avenue Suite 1103, NYC 10019 confirms your registration.

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42 Classes and a Plenary Session

Sunday, November 13, 2022
8:45 AM – 4:45 PM
Zoom details to be announced

Everyone is welcome to log on to the classes of their choice and to the midday Plenary Session at CNYC’s third all virtual Conference on Sunday, November 13, 2022. Free all- day registration goes to one person from every current CNYC member cooperative and condominium, with modest member rates for additional participants. Non-affiliates are encouraged to attend – though their fees are higher. Each registrant an select one of 14 classes in three time frames, as well as the Plenary Session with updates on key issues and a guest presentation. The Conference brochure will be posted on the CNYC website early in July and online registration will open at that time. CNYC extends member rates to sister organizations including NAHC, ARC, CCC, FNYHC and UHAB -- contact CNYC for the code to use for your registration. Conference registration will close at midnight on Thursday, November 10th so that materials and zoom links can be sent to registrants.



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