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You can now receive RAB Bulletins by E-mail. Call the RAB at (212) 889-4100 to sign up (please do not send e-mail sign-up requests to CNYC).

The contract between residential buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island and their employees who are members of Local 32B-32J of the Building Service Employees International Union expires at midnight on Sunday, April 20, 1997. The Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, Inc. (RAB) represents most of these buildings in the negotiations for a successor contract.

Many buildings have expressed interest in receiving bulletins and updates from the RAB as the contract talks progress. CNYC will post these notices here on the Website, and you can also have them faxed, e-mailed or sent by regular mail to your building by completing the form that follows and faxing it to the RAB. Buildings providing addresses will also receive the RAB's Owners Preparedness Manual.


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